Companies and Channels Promoting the Filth on Television

I don’t really watch TV that much (when I do, it’s reruns of movies or things like that.) Indeed, after Star Wars the Clone Wars stopped airing, I pretty much stopped watching TV. (Note: I will watch Duck Dynasty if I come across it when others are watching it.)

Indeed, of my family, I’d say I watch TV, at least actual TV, the least. This is ironic as all of my family went to a Christian university and I went to a state university and yet I seem to be ahead of them. (Granted, Marley and Me and the sexual content in that was a REAL wake up call to me years ago, as I’d been dulled to the increasingly worse programming. However, looking bad, I can see that the children’s programming is even getting worse: either more pointless or more politically correct (not that there’s much of a difference these days!) and that they often would put in vulgar stuff, but, on the other hand, were too afraid things might scare kids to go out on a limb and try programming like in the Disney Golden Age again.

And, of course, TV is mostly political correctness, as if we didn’t get enough of that from “schools” and politicians already!!!!

In my experience, Cartoon Network seems (at least during the daytime; Adult Swim at night is a whole different beast.) one of the cleanest ones, though it no doubt has its share of pointless cartoons. Ironically enough, one of the worst ones I’ve heard of, not that I’d know for sure as I barely watch TV, is the so-called ABC Family. While once great, it has gone really seedy.1 2

A show, on CBS I think, that is really popular but SHOULDN’T be is NCIS. This might shock you, but look at some of the facts about it.3 4 5 6

Companies Promoting the Bad Stuff on TV in 2014

Sexual Content :

1.) McDonalds Corporation
2.) YUM! Brands
3.) Mars Inc.
4.) Colgate Palmolive Company
5.) Virgin Mobile Telecoms Limited
6.) Time Warner Inc.
7.) Sony Corp. of America
8.) Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
9.) Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
10.) Red Bull North America, Inc.

Suggestive Dialogue :

1.) McDonalds Corporation
2.) Subway Restaurants
3.) Target Corp.
4.) Kohl’s Corporation
5.) Sears, Roebuck and Co
6.) Unilever United States
7.) AT&T Corp.
8.) Verizon Communications
9.) Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
10.) Microsoft

Foul Language :

1.) McDonalds Corporation
2.) YUM! Brands
3.) L’Oreal USA, Inc.
4.) Verizon Communications
5.) Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
6.) Cablevision Systems Corporation
7.) Signet Group plc (Kay Jewelers)
8.) Capital One Financial Corporation
9.) H & R Block
10.) Hyundai

Violence :

1.) Subway Restaurants
2.) YUM! Brands
3.) Verizon Communications
4.) AT&T Corp.
5.) Sprint Corporation
6.) Burlington Industries, Inc.
7.) Daimler Chrysler Corporation
8.) Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
9.) General Motors Corp.
10.) Signet Group plc (Kay Jewelers)

The info above was obtained here.

Another list, also in 2014, though much later than the one above, also has more sponsors of bad programming.

Burger King
Yum! Brands: KFC, Taco Bell
Red Bull
Gap, Inc.: The Gap, Old Navy
Johnson & Johnson: Aveeno, Visine, Splenda, Listerine, Clean & Clear
Unilever: Dove, Axe, Lipton, Suave, Vaseline, Hellmann’s
Mondelēz International, Inc.: Trident, Wheat Thins, Sour Patch Kids, Tang, Ritz, Oreo, Nabisco
Kellogg’s: PopTarts, Eggo,
Nestlé: Gerber, Coffee Mate, Friskies, Purina, Hot Pockets, Stouffer’s
H&R Block

The info above was obtained here.


Yikes! The Left has even gotten to the Muppets!

Looks like TV Land has a bad show:


Companies Promoting the Bad Stuff on TV in 2015


Mars; Wrigley

Bayer; Merck

Unilever (Dove, Axe, Lipton, Suave, Vaseline, Hellmann’s)

Red Bull

McDonald’s; Burger King; Yum!



Kay Jewelers

L Brands (Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, La Senza)

Target; Best Buy


Companies Promoting the Bad Stuff on TV in 2016


McDonald’s; Panera Bread; Dunkin Donuts; Little Caesars; YUM! Brands (KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut)

Church & Dwight (Arm & Hammer, Orajel, Oxi Clean); Reckitt Benckiser (Air Wick, Lysol, Clearasil); Unilever (Dove, Hellmann’s, Lipton)

Applebee’s; Red Robin

Audi; Toyota; Chrysler; Honda


Companies Promoting the Bad Stuff on TV in 2017

Honda,  Subaru,  BMW,  Nissan

Sprint, T-Mobile

Unilever, Mondelez,  Mars, Inc.

Samsung,  Microsoft

Discover, American Express

Macy’s, Kohl’s

Target, K-Mart

Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, Yum! Brands

Red Bull



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